I recently needed to record some terminal sessions, as back up for a demo I planned to present. I was already aware of asciinema.org, but found that the lack of full screen mode, meant it came up short for my needs.

In the end I went for a combination of the very old ttyrec application, with its result recording, converted into GIF format using ttygif.

An example of the sort of result you can get:


  • Note: If you zoom your browser in (mouse wheel), you will see the resolution improves, which is good enough for a full screen presentation.

Building ttyrec

  • Note: ttyrec has not been maintained since 2006, but then again, not a lot has changed to the tty code in the kernel, so it works fine. I just had to patch the code to work on Fedora. With other dists, your mileage may vary.

Download the latest (2006!) version of ttyrec

wget http://0xcc.net/ttyrec/ttyrec-1.0.8.tar.gz
tar zxvf ttyrec-1.0.8.tar.gz ; cd ttyrec-1.0.8.tar.gz

Download the following patch (as of writing this works on Fedora 23 (non wayland) and CentOS / RHEL 7)

wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/lukehinds/226452a6c3fbdc1275bdea66c954e8f6/raw/44e0f08c256d4221d2a88c38bc62887d0c769f31/ttyrec-1.0.8.patch

Apply the patch

patch -i ttyrec-1.0.8.patch

And make


Building ttygif

git clone https://github.com/icholy/ttygif.git ; cd ttygif
sudo make install



Now type out what it is you wish to record, and then when your done ‘exit’ out of the terminal session.

Convert to gif:

ttygif ttyrecord

All done!