Quick review of the 305 Roclites.

I had made a post to the fell-runners uk facebook page and asked about shoe recommendations as I needed something that could handle the hills / mountains, but also sections of road and path. A lot of recommendations came back and I ended up getting a pair of Inov8 Roclite 305’s and La Sportifa Mutants. When both shoes arrived I tried them on for a carpet walk (in case I needed to return).

The Mutants were right back in the box, they looked like a nice shoe, but were too tight. I find anything from the continent results in my size (12) coming up to small, yet finding 12.5 shoes is like looking for hens teeth. I then tried the Roclites and the size 12 were a really good fit. Goes as expected really, a UK shoe maker, gets UK sizes on the button. So I decided to keep the Roclites and this morning put them on for a run.

Now I never had a chance to tackle anything big as yet, instead I had a 6 mile run in a marshy area near me, which is very wet, muddy, with some hills that have some very boggy areas. The only thing not present are any rocks to scramble up.

My overall impression was that I really liked these shoes. The comfort was great. A nice wide toe box, the bottoms felt like I was running on a soft foamy type base, and with nice amounts of room for my feet to expand as they heated up. Grip gave me no issues and not one slip was had, even when turning on some very water bogged ditches.

As for road running, the jury is still out for me. I went for a long run in these (13 miles) and found my feet started to fell worse for wear and a little beat up. This might be as I am very used to Adidas Boosts for road running, which provide a lot of cushion. I will be hesitant about using these too much for off trail running.

As to waterproof’ness, under the premise of “what gets in, must get out” I found the balance good. My feet were warm and dry, with just the odd moist patch, which seemed to wick away as expected. The only test I did not do was a fully submerged river crossing type foot plunge, but I expect they will well there.


So all in all, very happy with these shoes and thanks to the community for helping me have a few to choose from! p.s. my staffy managed to get a photobomb.